Our Mission

Our goal is simple: Helping WPs golf together.  We are hoping to provide an opportunity to meet other Working Professionals, enjoy the free time you have outside of the program or the abundance of it once you’ve finished and help you find a foursome on the weekend. 

Our club is open to all current WPMBA students as well as graduates of the program.  A league structure will be provided and hopefully there will be prizes at the end of the season, but the format will be rather informal.


When a situation is identified that is not covered under the following rules, the standard USGA rules will apply.

Mulligans are accepted and encouraged.  But they cost $1.  And they are not usable on the green.  We ask that mulligans are notated on your scorecard and are settled at the end of the round.  If one uses a mulligan but prefers the original shot over the mulligan, the original shot may be played but the mulligan fee is still owed at the end of the round.

We are happy to help arrange tee times, but we ask that you honor your commitment as unfilled tee times will impair our ability to schedule in the future.  Tee times will be posted 1 week prior to each event.  The committee will make every effort to access appealing tee times, usually between 10 AM and 12 PM on Saturday or Sunday morning, but this cannot be guaranteed.

No-Show Policy:  It is the responsibility of each golfer to make it to the course by their assigned tee time.  If you do not arrive on time the program is billed for the greens fees by the golf course.  We expect that if you are unable to cancel within a reasonable amount of notice, you will cover the fee associated with your tee time.  If you do run into this situation, please let us know as soon as possible and we will work with you in order to find a replacement if one can be found.

Please RSVP for each event at least 10 days prior to the event date.  If you determine that you cannot make it to an RSVP’d event within the 10-day window, you must either find a replacement player or forfeit your $40 deposit.

If a ball goes into a hazard or Out of Bounds, a drop ball will be placed within two club lengths of the last point the ball was in play on the course, no closer to the hole.  A one stroke penalty will be assessed on the hole.  A mulligan may be used in this scenario, but the penalty stroke will still be assessed.


There will be two distinct tours: one for those that happen to be gifted in the game of golf and one for rank amateurs.  For scoring purposes the two will be kept separate, but members of either tour may be paired together for any event. 

Points will be awarded for each tournament.  Each player who partakes will be awarded a specified amount, and points will be awarded based on placement amongst other tour members on the day (IE 1st place will receive 20 points, 2nd will receive 18, etc).

Throughout the season, rankings will be calculated based on average point total per tournament.  This will allow those that can only partake in a few events to compete with those that play more.  At the conclusion of the season, a subset of each tour will be invited to the Fisher Cup.

Handicap service will be provided via the website.  Your handicap will be based on the events you play, using the scorecard that you turn in. 

There will be two holes for each tournament where mulligans cannot be used.  Handicaps will be used to determine the best golfer on each hole for the day, and the best cumulative score for the season on these holes will be awarded a prize.